The Ten Days Project
The 10 Days Project


Journalism & GIS

Presentation Design

Gunstock Ranch, Hawaii

Design & Brand Development

Esri UC 2013 Event Posters

Event Poster Design

Shortcomings & Impasses

Design & Printmaking

ESL Arts Advantage

Brand Development & Event Collateral

There is No Excellent Beauty


A National GIS for India

Presentation Design

OFf Course

Installation & Sculpture

First Parents Adam and Eve by Jay Merryweather
Motiv Arts

Digital Painting

Tomb Rader Reborn

Promotional Poster Design

Yeti, Iced Chocolate Milk

Brand Development and Packaging

Matters Series

Poster Design and Live Performance

Second Shell

Brand Development


Brand Development


I am a fanatic about Typography and Design. But I don't stop there, I also do: Brand Identity, Advertising, Web Design, Print and Layout, Interactive Design, Environmental Design, Photography, Illustration, Concept Art, and Music Composition.

Fine Art

I thrive on painting, drawing, sculpting and printmaking. The convergence of these disciplines makes time spent in my studio second only to time I enjoy with my family.


I appreciate the daily challenge and excitement of helping emerging artists realize their potential and develop necessary skills. I strive to lead and motivate students to reach success through hands-on experiences. In addition to lecture and demonstration, my courses are run like a mock studio in order to challenge students and create successful portfolio projects. My goal is to teach students to develop a keen eye for detail and a highly refined aptitude for self-assessment.


Merryweather Studios is located in beautiful Laie on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

You can contact Jay Merryweather at Merryweather Studios by
phone/text 1.760.900.9574 or e-mail jaymerryweather@gmail.com

Listen to some of my Music Compositions here.
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